Get to know me

Larry Dearing

Peter D'Piper

Medieval / Renaissance Music

I’ve always been an early music geek.  There is something subtly elegant in its simplicity.  Inspired by some of my favorite performers, a few years ago I started playing recorders simply for my own enjoyment.  Urged on by friends, I auditioned for our local Renaissance festival troupe (Georgia Renaissance Festival – GARF) and was added to their musician cast. 

I created the character of Peter D’Piper to be a more mature, slightly grumpy but fun loving Scotsman.  As with all “Rennie” characters, there must be a backstory.  Peter’s is a story of being denied inheritance by an older brother and being forced to seek his own fortune as a traveling minstrel and picking up music from his various wanderings.

Just as with character stories, many of the long forgotten songs I play also have unique and interesting stories behind them.  I try and bring not just the music to my audiences but a sense of the history and purpose behind the songs as well.

Come and join me on this strangely mystical, yet familiar journey!