Visitors to Medieval / Renaissance themed Faires and Festivals will enjoy lively street entertainment as well as enjoyable and informative stage shows.   Use my contact page to bring Peter D'Piper to your festival or event  

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Greetings!  I am Peter D’ Piper, village piper at Newcastle town, The Georgia Renaissance Festival.  I (and my alter ego Larry Dearing) play Medieval and Renaissance music ranging mostly from the 12th to 17th centuries on a variety of recorders.  I also play smaller regional faires throughout the year.

Come hear me play music much as it was played in the streets, taverns, and inns throughout the towns and villages of Olde Europe.    Enjoy and experience the flair and variety that this marvelous music has to offer.

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Peter D'Piper

Medieval / Renaissance Music

Bring a unique sound experience to your private event, be it wedding, reception, house concert/party or corporate event.  I can provide 30 – 60 minute shows or background music and interacting with guests.

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